How to Fly a Russian Fighter Jet

Irving6How to Fly a Russian Fighter Jet

  1. Contact Incredible Adventures. The Sarasota, Florida company has been arranging flights in Russian fighter jets since 1993.  Incredible Adventures will supply the latest flight and package pricing, and remind you to check with your doctor to make sure you’re healthy enough for a flight.
  2. Select flight program and trip dates at least 60 days in the future.  (It can take up to 60 days to obtain the security clearance necessary to fly a Russian Fighter Jet at the airbase in Nizhny Novgorod.) Incredible Adventures offers three flight profiles in the MiG-29 Fulcrum. Choose a short subsonic adventure, a  45+ minute supersonic adventure with full aerobatics, or a 50+ minute profile that includes a climb to the edge of space and some aerobatics.  Included in the booking forms will be a Release of Liability, a Medical Questionnaire and IA’s Adventure Policies. A 30% deposit is required to reserve a Russian Fighter Jet flight.
  3. Apply for security clearance.  You’ll need to complete a simple form, answering basic questions, like where you work, what your job title is and where you live, and you’ll need to provide passport details.  If you do not receive security clearance, your deposit will be refunded.  (Only two people have been denied security clearance since 1993.  It’s not hard to get, it just takes time.)
  4. Purchase air travel to Moscow, Russia, after first checking with Incredible Adventures to make sure your trip is confirmed. Most MiG flyers choose a program that begins and ends in Moscow, but custom programs that begin and end in Nizhny Novgorod can be arranged.  (IA’s MiG programs do not include air travel to and from Russia.)  Most MiG flyers choose programs that include hotel accommodations, ground transfers and sightseeing tours, but packages can be customized upon request.
  5. Apply for your Russian travel visa.  Incredible Adventures can assist with this process.
  6. Shortly before your trip, you’ll receive a final copy of your itinerary and the names and contact information of IA’s Russian staff.
  7. Arrive Russia. You’ll be met by an Incredible Adventures representative and escorted to your hotel.  The next day, after a city tour, you’ll board the train to Nizhny Novgorod.  There, you’ll be met at the train station and taken to a luxury hotel for the night.
  8. After breakfast, you’ll be met by IA’s air base guide and driver and escorted to Nizhny Aircraft Building Plant Sokol for the main event.
  9. After a brief check-up by the Sokol doctor, you’ll be fitted for your flight suit, g-suit or pressure suit and helmet and meet your pilot for a pre-flight briefing and safety training.
  10. You’ll be strapped into the cockpit of a MiG-29 and take-off on a flight you’ll remember forever.

For more information, contact Greg at 1-941-346-2603 or send an email today.

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