MiG 29

The MiG-29 (NATO code “Fulcrum”) is one of the most advanced combat airplanes in the Russian Air Force. It was designed for gaining an air superiority role in the Soviet Union during the early 80s. One of the most advanced airplanes in the world, the legendary MiG-29 has turbojet engines and boasts a superior ratio of power over mass coupled with excellent aerodynamics. Incredible Adventures customers love the wonderful view from the cockpit. The MiG-29 is equipped with two RD-33 turbofan engines and is the world’s first aircraft fitted with dual-mode air intakes. This means that during its flight, air is fed directly into the engines; but while moving on the ground, the air intakes are closed and air is fed through the upper surface of the wing to prevent ingestion of foreign objects (rubbish and debris) from the runway. All these characteristics make the aircraft most effective in any aerial combat. The basic version of the MiG-29 aircraft is intended to use missiles and built-in guns to destroy all types of air targets under any weather conditions. The MiG-29 is capable of destroying ground targets using rockets within the pilot’s field of vision. To prepare and train MiG-29 pilots, the MiG-29UB two-seat combat trainer was developed, following the template of the single-seat fighter. The MiG-29 is comparable to the American F-16 and F/A-18 fighters.

As a quick summary, the MiG-29 is a twin-engine jet capable of speeds in excess of Mach 2.3.  It is similar  in size and layout to the US F-18 Hornet. You can fly the MiG-29 just for “Top Gun” maneuvers or choose to put on a pressure suit and travel to the edge of space.

The MiG-29 is currently the only Russian fighter jet available for civilian adventure flights.  Many don’t realize the jet is capable of climbing to an altitude of nearly 70,000 feet, where the sky appears black above and blue below.  The jet everyone knows for its aerobatics can fly high too!

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